“Artists are just children who refuse to put down their crayons.”

    - Al Hirschfeld -

Monthly Archives: December 2014


HO HO HO !!!

We find ourselves spending Christmas in Hope. Which seems kinda appropriate. We are actually staying in a park – The Rambin’ Roads RV Resort. We are here because we love visiting our friends R and […]

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Poop Bouy ?????

Dale and I are sitting with a glass of wine and I am complaining about not feeling like we are really camping. Which was no exaggeration since we were in a vacant lot in a […]

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In the Middle of Nowhere

Consider being lost in a desert and had run out of water some time ago, you were very hot, tired and dispirited. You kept putting one foot in front of the other even though the […]

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Bud E. Beaver

We are still at Arizona City with our friends Jim and Connie. They have managed to keep us pretty busy. In fact, they had volunteered to help out a friend with his balloon at a […]

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The Four Stooges and Three Dogs

Yesterday we had such a downpour in Arizona City that the streets were pools and the intersections were like rivers. It was quite an amazing sight for this little desert town. This morning Dale and […]

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So Disappointed…

I was so disappointed this year when we went to one of our favorite spots in Queen Valley outside of Apache Junction. I wrote the following to letter to area agencies to raise awareness of […]

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