I thought you might wonder what it is like to spend Christmas not only in a trailer park but on the desert in 75 -80 degree weather.  Well, it’s not that bad actually.  Everyone here is missing their families so we all understand each other.  There are events planned like a Christmas Eve Party with a gift exchange.  We have a small church right next door for those who want a Christmas Eve Service.  They also cook Christmas Dinner for all of us.  Yeah!  AND do the dishes  Double Yeah!

You probably imagine a kind of temporary camping place but no so much.  Many of the folks come every year and reserve the same site and don’t hesitate to get into the holiday spirit with decorations.  It’s is pretty much like home except for the flowers, the grapefruit trees ad the golf clubs.  Of course we have to decorate the cactus and palms. Other than that, it looks just like Christmas in the north.

Because of the trend toward UTVs and the invention of solar lights, they have a parade on Christmas Eve of decorated machines.  It’s quite funny.  It is judged for the most innovate or beautiful entries Both the parade participators, the trailers and Park models are given “BEST’OF” prizes. I still miss Christmas with my family but this is the next best thing.

Merry Christmas to all of you and have a Healthy New Year 

More  to come….

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  1. Happy New Year to you both! PLEASE have a healthy and less stressful 2018! You’ve made Us close to heart attacks!
    Look forward to reuniting in April. Cold here on new year’s eve day as we babysit a 4 mo. old golden retreiver and 4 grandchildren. One set of parents cheering for the Broncos (home) today. Other set in Hawaii drinking mai tais!
    Cheers! Fondly, Bob & Sondra

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