Well, even if you haven’t here I am again.  We have been very busy getting our property in shape so we can spend the rest of the summer on the lake or sitting on our deck sipping wine and looking at the lake.

Today was really nice and warm so it got me thinking of going on the boat and Dale could fish and I could lay on the back and read or nap.  But by the time I thought of it , it was a bit too late, so we decided to go tomorrow instead.

I thought we could have supper out on the water so I put about seven eggs on to boil for sandwiches tomorrow.  Dale came in and asked me to help him put up some lattice down by our water feature.  I should mention here that while I was in Canada visiting my friends and family  he slipped in the boat and broke a rib.  Hence, he can’t bend over.   So together we got it up and screwed on.  We were both a bit tired so we sat on our swing to rest.  

A couple of minutes went by and we heard a big bang up at the apartment.  I thought it was a door slamming in the draft so we stayed where we were.  Finally we decided to go up and get supper underway.  Well, when we went to the sliding glass door I could see smoke coming out.  I realized immediately what had happened and ran for the stove..  WAY TOO LATE!!!!   There was burnt egg everywhere.  The pot on the stove was smoking and the floor was slippery with exploded egg.  I gingerly picked my way over, moved the pot to another burner and shut off the stove.

I opened all the doors and windows and brought out our stand up fan.  It all smelled terrible.  Ugh!  When things cooled off I surveyed the scene.  Evidently the eggs exploded in the pan when the water boiled away and bounced off the cupboard above .  Some egg made it into the living room and over to the fridge.  What a mess.

I have this awful habit of burning eggs.  I’ve done it many times.  Once I melted the bottom of the pan to the burner of the stove.  I just seem to have a mental block. I hardly ever burn anything else but the minute I turn on eggs in water, off I go without a care in the world.

Such is life.  Hope you get a chuckle out of this.

More to come…

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  1. Gail, put the eggs in the pan of water cover, bring to a rolling boil, turn OFF the burner, set the timer for twenty minutes and the eggs are done. No more burnt eggs. Will look for the way to do in the oven. Cecelia

  2. A little timer in your pocket goes a long, long way….. Sort of like the saying the shortest pencil is better than the longest memory!
    Got a good laugh since it was only egg everywhere and not something more serious!
    Enjoy the lake,
    Dianne and Rick

  3. I’ll bet I could match you pan or pan on the ‘kill the pan scale’……..do it all the time…….just not in the summer in Arizona!

    Right now I’m into losing things! The latest is one of the 3 ceramic feeding dishes that I use for the cats. Where does one put a ‘cat-dish’ with uneaten food stuck to it?

    My friend Cecil ‘lost’ all of her phones for 24 hrs and finally found them ‘outside’.

    I am privledged to know another ‘pan-burner’, however.

    Other than that……..are you guys behaving yourselves and taking care of each other up there?

  4. Ha! I’ve done it, too…or did once a long time ago…all the eggs popped whole out of their shells and rolled around on the floor like little aliens. Not as dramatic as your small disaster. My walk-off and forget it is when I’m seasoning cast iron pans. Every single time. So you are not alone in your spells of oblivion, if that helps.

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