…..learn to do almost nothing.  Well, it appears to be very hard for some people, like me for instance. I have instructions; No house work, dishes vacuuming, laundry, cooking, etc.  Also no swimming, bathing or hot tub. Limited driving.  Absolutely no bending or twisting  But I can go walking.

I am experiencing a steep learning curve in certain things, for instance.

• How to ignore spots on the floor, towels dropped on the floor, a hundred things that I drop on the floor etc.  Solution: My pick up stick and taking off my glasses.

• How to ask someone for help for everyday things I have always done.  Solution: I sweep the floor and leave the pile of dirt and a dustpan for my husband by his chair.  That way I only had to ask him once.  Remind myself that I am only hurting myself by being stubborn.

• How to try to get use to that hateful thing, the shower.  Solution: Get dale to take out one shower head and attach a hand shower.  Redirect the other shower head so it is no longer hitting me in the face.  Add a chair for sitting.

• How to get in and out of bed without bending or twisting.  Solution: Call it a log roll: lay in bed, on my side, let legs slide off bed at the same time push up with arms to sitting position.  Reverse for reverse.

• How to get the laundry done by myself.  Solution:  Have front loaders and use your pick up stick to take clothes from one to the other.  It takes longer but takes some of the burden off husband.

• How to get the countless things done outside to get ready for the winter.  Solution: Hire an unemployed local young woman to do all that and more.

• How to fill I the hours till I can start to do all those thing and more – three months. Solution: I now have a high speed internet and can stream Netflix.

  • Series to watch – Life, Crossing Lines, SHIELD, Grey’s Anatomy. Private Practice and the best one,  Stranger Things.  (just a tip for those with spare time.)

Apart from that, all is well and we are planning to go south again this year, hopefully sometime in November.  Maybe I can share some more  desert adventures with all of you.

Here are some driftwood masks that I am having fun with.

img_3014 img_3016


Here’s my hired help



My elderberry bush all cleaned out.






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  1. Love the pictures. Mask are great. First one looks like Scooby-Doo . Still have not hard about Kents new procedure. He said he will call on Monday. Sometime in the next two weeks we will set up a time to come over. My sister as a cousin come in the 16th and leave the 22nd. Kent and Adrian leave for North Dakota for hunting on the 22st. Kent and Cecelia

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