I’ve Almost Made it!

We are on our last few days at the RV park with our friends R & D. The park is wonderful, beautifully laid out with little gardens in each site, lots of space, trees throughout and spotless showers and laundry. The people here are welcoming and friendly. The activities are numerous and creative and the food service offered some days is great.

So you might think that I would be thrilled to stay here with water, sewer and electricity, not to mention propane. But you would be wrong. If we didn’t love our friends so much we wouldn’t be here. I come south to enjoy the wide open spaces of desert camping. I like to walk out of the camper and go exploring. I want the dogs to be able to come and go as they please. And most of all, I don’t like having to account for my every move out of courtesy. I like to do my art uninterrupted. I like to wander the desert at night with my caftan on. I like leaving the door open, the curtains open and have the TV or music as loud as I want it. I like to hang my bedding out in the breeze.

Call me me crazy, but I can hardly wait until we move. I am looking forward to some alone time. I need some exercise and long walks with the dogs are pending.

But one thing I can say about hiding out in the trailer, it has encouraged me to do some new art. Have also made some cards up for the Wolf Refuge in hopes that they can sell them and make a little money.

Dale likes this place more than I do mainly because they have a lapidary set up here he can use a couple of days a week. I am hoping that next year we can come to some kind of compromise with the park so he can continue to use the equipment even if we are camping out in the desert. He has made a beautiful set of coasters out of some chert we found.

We have met some fun folks and have gone rock hounding with some of them. But we haven’t found anything really startling. Tho’ Dale found two FLAKES of gold. Wow!!!
Today is Taco Tuesday at our local Mexican Restaurant.  Half the park goes cause they are a buck a piece, of course Dale and Rick eat about 5. It’s a cheap meal and their Margaritas are good.

On Sunday we are off to Saddle Mountain and some volunteering during the day at the Wolf Refuge.  Then it’s off to Globe for a couple of weeks. Yeah !!

More later…


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