You think that now that I am home I wouldn’t get into trouble.  Well, think again.  Yesterday, when Dale and I stopped at Costco to pick up his hearing aid,  I decided to stay in the truck and read.  He had automatically rolled down the windows because we had Gracie (our  dog) with us.  Everything was find until it started to rain.  

Now this is a bit hard to explain but I’ll try.  First, remember that our truck is a standard shift.  Second, the parking lot was full.   I decided to close the windows because we were getting wet but they are automatic so I would have to turn the key on to raise them.  I reached over the console and inserted my key.  Of course the truck was in gear so I pulled the stick down to neutral before I could turned the key.  But too late I realized that we were on a slight slant and the truck started to move backwards into the isle.  I tried to shove the gearshift back into gear but it would’t go.  I knew I couldn’t climb over the console and step on the brake in time, so I leaned way over the console and pushed the brake pedal down with my hand.  I could just push it hard enough to stop the rolling.   But every time I let up even a bit we started rolling again.  So here  I am almost on the floor and  can’t see where we are but  am listening for a crash as I hit another car so I don’t dare move.  I am stuck and panicking and no one is coming to help me.  The windows are still down so I yell for help.  I forgot to tell you I just came from the Dr. who diagnosed bronchitis and laryngitis as, so no body can hear me.  Finally I lift my hand off very careful and we roll a tiny bit and stop.  I sit up and see that I am blocking the isle and some guy is sitting behind me and honking his horn.  Very helpful guy!!!  Now I can climb over the console, put in the clutch, turn on the truck and drive BACK into the space.   I roll up the windows and try to stop shaking. 

Anyway, Dale came out, we finished our shopping and motored on home.  I am thinking that  there is nowhere safe for me or from me. Maybe I should just  go to bed and hibernate like a bear.

More to come…

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