Many New Friends

My poor knee is just giving me fits.  I couldn’t imagine standing it for two more months.  So we decided to go to Yuma and check with my knee surgeon.  Fortuna Pond seemed like the logical place to go.  I suggested we stay on the less busy side. I hoped we might have a bit more privacy.  We found a good spot and settled in.  It seems every time we come here we get involved with someone who needs help.  So I pledged to just mind my own business and hope that Dale would do the same.

Of course that was just wishful thinking.  The first thing Dale tells me is he just met a couple who are living in their car. Apparently they are very nice and how about we go see them?  They have a tent back in the bushes.  I say no way that’s the beginning of trouble.  So off he goes and back he comes later. The next day I meet them because they come over to see Dale’s rocks.   But it turns out all right because although they are tenting from their car, they are far from homeless.  They are just having an adventure and enjoying the warm weather.  They are from much colder climates.

We made friends with them and had lots of fun.  Of course they introduced us to other folks and we met even more folks and on it goes. A couple of days ago we had another turkey dinner and had over 20 people attend.  It was a great party and Dale was in his glory.  I was pretty tired by the time I had done all the dishes and cleaned up.   The party was going strong around the fire but I begged off and watched a movie before going to bed.

What can I say?  I somehow bring this on myself and for the most part I really enjoy people but they wear me out and every year I get older and tire more easily. I try staying in the trailer and doing art and that’s working quite well, I enjoy that a lot but it’s getting very hot and the trailer is like an oven by 2 o’clock.

My new friend who is about 30 years younger than me suggested we go swimming in the river. So we took Babe down and went for a dip.  As you know, I have a minimum temperature that is ok for me but after I jumped in I realized I had probably broke my record.  My friend did get wet but found it too cold.  I stayed in for about 15 minutes but was afraid I might be getting hypothermia so I got out.  It was very refreshing and the sun quickly warmed us up.

I managed to see the doc and get a MRI so tomorrow I get the verdict.  If I have to get surgery, so be it, but I am hoping a shot or physio will do the trick.

Report to come….

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