Out like a Lion…

It’s the 5th of March and the weather here is very mild.  So mild that Dale has been fishing several days a week.  I hope this continues because it made our first winter not in Arizona quite short. We’ll see if a lion shows up at the end of the month.

We have been fairly busy with events at our local Winery and both our medical appointments.  We both had to find a new GP since our Spokane doctor retired. Fortunately for us, we were accepted at a clinic near here in Colville by a popular woman doctor.  We have both seen her for a “meet and greet session”    Now Dale has a GP, a Cardiologist, an Oxygen supply business and a Hospital for procedures all in the same city much nearer than Spokane. I will save us time and money.

Dale is still struggling with his COPD but getting good care.  Also at long last, we have Oxygen.  I am well except for the bouts of old age.

But the GOOD news is that we bought a NEW/OLD car.  Another Subaru Outback but this time with all the bells and whistles.  So this means we moved up from a 2000 OB to a 2013 OB,  But what a change! I’m loving it.

Later.  It is now 15th of March and I spoke about the “Lion” too soon.  I was visiting my daughter in Kelowna this week on Thursday when Dale phoned to tell me there was a nasty weather front coming on Friday and I’d better come home early.  They were predicting much snow on the Passes.  I really didn’t want to tackle bad roads in my new car so I high tailed it out of there and was home 5 hours later.  I’m so glad I did because the next day it snowed about 12 inches at our house so I can imagine what it’s like in the mountains.

But for all it’s fury the weather is supposed to warm up quickly and the big melt will begin.  

So much for the “Lion”  but A large cougar was sighted not far from our house so between that, the weather  and the flu, I guess we will just stay home

More to come…

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