Well I said to my husband as we were packing to go south “ Honey, lets stay longer in one place this, not so much moving” Of course he answered with his usual grunt which I took to mean “ Yes dear, another great idea” Well I guess I too should be careful what I wish for. We have been sitting here in Yuma (at various places) for almost a month. I can’t really campaign because it is basically my fault and the weather has been perfect. But never the less I am getting anxious to leave.
We have used up our time at Fortuna Pond so are now semi-permanent homesteaders and the Quechan Casino. (the most expensive free camping you will experience, next to Wallchart).

This all started with my knees giving out on me and forcing me to seek medical assistance. After the usual rigmarole, I got an appointment with and Orthopedic. He suggested strongly that I should get an MRI so the wait began. It is now the 5th of January and my appt is 5:30 am on the 7th. As soon as it is done we have hightail kit to Palm Springs to meet my daughter and son-in-law. I will then have to come back here for treatment. Now I like Yuma alright but people are starting to recognize me in Walmart.

And speaking of Walmart and wishes you should be careful of, I was using the washroom at the Pacific street Walmart and I noticed for the umpteenth time what a mess it was. I know Walmart is making billions off the little guy and I just don’t see why they can’t provide better washrooms. So I went to a couple of ‘managers” and complained. Non of the soap containers worked, there no toilet paper in many of the stalls, the ‘ automatic’ water wouldn’t turn on and locks were broken on several of the doors. One staff member told me that many people have complained including the staff and nothing changes. So I came back to the trailer and wrote a scathing letter to Customer(no) Service Well several days later the real manager of the Walmart in question phoned me with a whiny explanation. But what the heck I tried. Yesterday I hurried into the Walmart because I had to use the facilities. Guess what? The one I usually go to has cleaning staff in the doorway so I had to boogy down to the back bathroom. Lucky for me I was open. And so it goes.

A really nice thing happened to me thanks to my kind husband, was that h arranged for a new Apple Computer be sent to me. I have been going slowly nuts trying to get anything done on our old HP. It is being especially obstinate and slow. Dale asked my one day if I had anything to go to the garbage and I suggested the computer. He took the hint. I am still struggling with the new format but it is a pleasure to finally have my commands obeyed

I still haven’t mastered the picture sending but hope to catch up soon.

Till then ….

Travlin’ Gal

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