The Fun Continues…

Well the garage is completely poured and drying quickly. Dale is still struggling with the house sale. He has had to get our electrician friend M. to help out with the wiring and an additional the permit. The closing date has been pushed back yet again. It is now June 30th and we’re not sure we can make that deadline. But what can a guy do? Just take it day to day. But at least Dale can start assembling his shop and lapidary corner and I can start putting my furniture in the studio. We have found a carpenter to do the walls for us so that will cut down on Dale’s work. He has to go to the Dr. on the 1st to schedule his had surgery. He also hopes to get his other foot done at the same time. I am hoping he can do his recovery taking it easy on the boat fishing. Absolutely NO work around the place. We’ll see how that works out.

Friends of ours M and S came over yesterday and M welded the hole in the pontoon and something on our UTV so we took them out for dinner at our local bar here in Hunter. They have really good food.

Dale is off fishing today and I am putzing around the place. Doing a little work on our back patio and filling all the bird feeders. I took pictures of the chickadees in the water fountain and the wrens feeding their babies. I have also been doing some painting. The weather has warmed up and summer is really here.







































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