The Gift of Staying Home

In the midst of all this negative chaos, I find I am surprisingly happy.  Of course, I am aware of the tragedy taking place in millions of families and my heart goes out to them.  I also know that it could still happen to me and/or my family.  But we are trying to obey all the rules that should keep us safe.  But the rule to stay, at least partially quarantined is a blessing in disguise.

We are fortunate to live rurally on a 5-acre piece of land. We are also retired and not unemployed as are many.  Our income is stable (so far) so we are used to dealing with a definite amount guaranteed.  But there are still good things too. 

These are some of those things:

  1. We are somewhat naturally isolated and used to staying home with a small number of visitors so things seem the same.
  2. We are alive in an age of communication options.  We can still stay in touch with family and friends in a multitude of ways.
  3. The weather has been mild and even warm some days enabling us to spend time outside. We have dozens of projects outside to keep us both busy.
  4. We have plenty of space to take a walk without leaving our property 

 The best thing for me is that we have been forced to slow down, spend time together and enjoy the beautiful place we live.

I hope all of you can eke out some joy in these troubled times.

More to come…

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