Finally, I am, hopefully, on the downward slope to recovery and the new “Bionic” me.

We moved into Suncrest, our old neighbourhood, on Monday afternoon and I was still waiting for a decision on when my surgery would begin on Tuesday. They sure don’t want to make any false promises. But the word came down that I was to check in at 10:30 am and my surgery would begin at 12:30. We had friends over for supper and we all caught up on current affairs. I was pretty beat so I headed off to bed around 9:30 and slept pretty well considering .

The next day we were at check-in on time but of course by then the surgery was rescheduled to 1:30 pm, which quickly evolved into 2:00 pm. Of course the next thing I remember was waking up 4 hours later and it was all done.

Considering how much experience we’ve had in the hospital lately I have to say yet again a big “yeah!” for the nurses. I couldn’t have asked for better care. A special kudo to Dale’s nurse Michelle and my ever-patient ladies, Monica and Natalyla. I am not forgetting all the other staff but there were too many to remember all their names. Thank you everybody.

I was delighted to be going home in two days until I got home and I realized just how big a deal this was. I am suffering the third day blues but am hoping for a brighter tomorrow. I have been given strict instructions by the Dr. and Hospital what I can and can’t do, but for the first time that I can remember, I don’t want to fudge It’s all I can do to get the simplest things done and I hurt all the time.

_ _ _ _

It is now day 6 and my son and his wife have come down to help us out for a couple of days. They are cooking up a storm and freezing dinners for us. They are also cleaning fools.

I have managed two walks of 5 minutes each as per instructions but the rest of the time I just try to keep moving. I am faithfully wearing my brace (see photo) but I am still constantly worried that I might do something to damage my back. I have had a few visitors and that helps pass the time and distract me from my pain.

_ _ _ _

Today it is one week since my surgery. I am not sure how I am supposed to be healing because this is new to me. But the site of the operation is still very sore. It seems to get more irritated with the back brace on but I feel pretty insecure with it off.  Just being of my legs and feet for a few days has resulted in a noticeable weakness in my legs when I walk. I am sticking to the suggested routine for walking and guess it’s gradually improving but not so much.

There are times when I still need Dale to lift me up out of the chair. It is very frustrating. My hope is that this is all a normal healing process.

I was checking my instructions and they suggested that I have my stitches out between 10 and 12 days so I had Dale drive me over to the clinic and they removed them for me. I had 17 plus one for a drain. It is quite a bit more comfortable and not so itchy now.

_ _ _ _

My Daughter Stacie has arrived to help out for a few days but mainly to distract me from my discomfort and as usual we will solve all the world’s problems. We were able to get out on the boat for an afternoon and it was glorious .

Post Surgery 2 weeks:

I am getting better every day. I have cut way down on my meds and I am doing the required exercises each day. I know that this is the danger period for me because as soon as I feel better I tend to want to start doing all my old yard work. But not this time!  I am so determined to succeed that I have hired someone to do the yard work for me. I don’t have any trouble wearing my brace because I feel more secure with it on. Also the weather is a little cooler so it doesn’t get uncomfortably hot.

Our apartment is really comfortable and I love our new floor. This particular pergo is called Hickory and has the foam attached to the planks. Dale has finished all the difficult spots under the appliances.

So I’ll sign off for now and here’s hoping there is no more medical news except final visits.


Our friend Will loves to make prints from fish. He made this one of a large mouthed bass that Dale caught and brought it up to us one evening. I love it!!
This is my back brace that I will wear for 3 months It is very supportive Ha Ha !
My wonderful night nurse Monica

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  1. Glad to hear you are coming along well!
    Now you know what the 17th century ladies felt like in their whalebone corsettes!
    Love and a hug,
    Dianne and Rick

  2. Glad it is all over for you and that you are getting back to some semblance of “normal”. Your brace looks pretty intimidating! It would have been nice that the kids were able to each come for a few days. Helps keep your mind occupied on something other than the hurting.
    Just got back from a week in Vancouver. Nothing exciting, just the usual Vancouver stuff. David has sold his house and is living in an apt. for a while until he retires in Mar. and they decide where they want to live. Dana has moved into her new office in the new tower beside Rogers Arena – between the Canucks head office and The Aquilini (owners) head office and is working far too hard and long hours!
    All is well here. Hugh has mended quite well with the rods in his leg and all the kids are back in college and university, only one left in high school. Had another great grand child last week, Indiana Jack (Indy) and saw him when I was out at the Coast. Makes one feel a little “over the hill” I must say!
    Hope you had a good birthday. Probably will be better next year when you are feeling fine and out of pain.
    As usual, I am feeling fine and planning a bus trip to a casino near Seattle in Nov. with a friend. I am not much of a gambler but love going to the outlet stores and poke around there.
    The days are getting shorter and its really cooling off these days. The summers always go so fast! Talk soon.
    Love Dorth

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