Here we are in the midst of a real winter. Heck, I might as well be in Canada. It’s snowing and I have had a bit of cabin fever.  I knew this was going to happen so I volunteered for a couple of months at our Thrift  Store.  I also got an invitation to host a “Paint and Sip” at our local winery, Fruitland Valley Winery.  I jumped at the chance.  Then I realized that I had never hosted anything like this before.  But then never had the winery.  It’s only been open a short time and just getting their sea legs.  

Well, I wasn’t available for the first two sessions but heard they were a great success. Another local artist agreed to host them. But by January I was ready so I committed to doing one.

It took quite a bit of planning but the staff were friends of mine so it was always fun.  As a side benefit because my liaison had twin girls almost 2 years old and they are adorable.  

My bosses had a hard time deciding what I should paint but finally settled on a photograph showing about half of a  large purple flower, probably a Dalia.  It is slightly abstract.  It was pretty simple but the main purpose of these events is visiting and sipping wine.  The painting is just an excuse.

Many of the participants have never painted before so I needed to guide them through it.  Everyone seemed to be having a good time and the chatter was deafening.  I had to ring a bell to be heard.  But by the time we were finished I had time to visit everyone, some were old friends and some were new friends.  I also had a chance to put up a selection of my own art to demonstrate different styles of painting (of which I have many).

Our winery owners poured some good wine and supplied snacks for the break.  It turned out quite well and I had many compliments and kudos.

All the work and planning paid off, the participants were happy the winery made some money and I was very pleased.  I will definitely do more of these. Probably Feb.

More too come…..

That’s me on the floor….

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