You’re Not Going to Believe This!!   

I couldn’t wait to do this blog.  You can send it to all your friends.

When I got up this morning Dale was already up.  It was about 6 am.  I sat  down and I told him that I had noticed that he had been up and down all night.  He did seem a little down.  He told me his back and arm had been bothering him so he was up playing on the computer and eating Peanut M&Ms.

Then he said. “ The worst of it is that I ate my hearing aid”

“What do you mean?” I asked

“ You heard me, I ate my hearing aid”

“You mean you dreamed that you ate your hearing aid?”

“ No, I really ate my hearing aid!”

“ How could you do that?”’“Well it was dark, and I was playing on the computer and my M & M’s were on the table beside me and I accidentally picked up my hearing aid and put it in my mouth and bit it before I realized what it was. It’s broken into  pieces.”

I looked at him and burst out laughing.

“You’re kidding, You have lost 2 pairs, stepped on one pair, driven over one pair, the dog got one, and you have topped that by actually eating one.  This must be a new world record”

I have been laughing ever since.  I can hardly wait until he phones Heather (our Costco Hearing Lady) and tries to explain that one. one.!!!    

more to come….


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  1. Hi Guys: Sorry Dale, but that is one of the best stories I have heard in a long time!! Made my day! Don’t know if I would have admitted it to Gail.

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