And The Final Result Is…

I have passed the 9 week date since my back surgery.  I went to my final check up at my surgeon’s office and had my x-rays.  Dr. Gruber’s PA, Carrie gave my a clean bill of health.  And much more important to me was the go ahead to go back on my arthritis medicine.  When you have as much arthritis as I do, it’s hard to pin point whether the pain is from that or the surgery.  I felt considerably better in a matter of days.

The other thing  tried to do was get a series of 3 shots, one weekly, to my left knee (the bad one).

They have a new drug that  comes in a gel and it acts like botox and plumps up the cartilage so the pain is lessened.  But woe is me, the doc said that I have almost no cartilage left in that knee so he suggested that I don’t bother.  Although I hate to think of it I guess next summer is going to start with another knee replacement.  Grrrrrrrr!!!

But my Physical Therapy is going well.  My PT says that I am once again healing very quickly.  She says I am way ahead of the usual patient with that operation.  I still have to wear my brace until the end of November but that’s not too bad.

Our family is having our early Slo-Food Christmas party in Osoyoos B.C. next weekend’ It should be a whirlwind time since we are right in the middle of over 100 wineries.  Poor us!!!!!

The only other news is our dog Gracie started acting funny and was throwing up.  We thought she just might be reacting to our packing.  She has some abandonment issues.  But it got worse so we took in to our Vet and they did x-rays.  They could see something in her stomach that could have been causing the trouble.  It didn’t look like a bone and they thought it might be Rawhide.  We don’t give our animals rawhide, so she must have found it.  They are pretty sure she will pass it so we can get her home tomorrow.  Thank heavens, besides missing her like crazy we found out that if they had to operate it looked like $1,400.00.

You will notice that my enclosure is a picture of my ‘after’ e-ray.  You can see quite plainly my hardware. Cool eh??

We hope to leave for point south around the 9th of November Yeah!!

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