Well, we have come back once again to Fortuna Pond. It was pretty full so we camped at the East end so we looked down the length of the pond. This is where the BLM folks built a dirt promontory about 40 ft out into the pond. It’s mainly for fishermen but once in a while a group of young people will occupy it for an evening and light a fire on the end.

One of the really exciting happened right in front of this very place. Dale and I were playing cards as usual when he looked out the window and said that a balloon was right above us. He was coming down slowly so I walked out to the end where a man was fishing. I know those balloons can fly really low but I never expected what happened. He just kept coming down until he was a few feet above the water and then landed on the surface for a few minutes before he lifted off again. It was very cool to watch and we could talk to the people in the basket. I suspect their feet got wet.

This pond is home to a lot of residents. There is a Great Egret and a Great Blue Heron who seem to be buddies. They have been there for as many years as we’ve come down. This year, early in the morning, flock of about 15 Snowy Egrets came to the pond. They fly around making a ruckus for an hour or two then go off to the river where they fish until the next morning. I got a picture of a bunch of them sitting on top of a cottonwood.

Last Tuesday I went into out patent surgery and had my second knee operated on. It went well thank heavens but I am in for a week of keeping off my feet and icing it regularly. But if I behave I should be back in great condition by next week. It’s a good thing because we are now up at Paradise at our friends house. Dale has been busy repairing benches and stairs. The birds are in the yard in force so there is lots of entertainment for me as I sit with my leg up in the air.

It is beautiful here in the Chiricahuas at this time of year. Though they haven’t had much rain and the creek is running pretty low, I love it up here. I took Babe (or ATV) down to the library today and over to visit some other friends here. It was great to be back her among the oaks and the Sycamores.

I think we have talked our friends C and J for Arizona City to come for a visit next week. They have never been here and I hope they will love it as much as we do.

Till next time.

Travlin’ Gal

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