Enough Already!!

Sorry, this is a little delayed, but I am catching up.

It’s the 2nd of June and guess what we were doing?  You guessed it, sitting in yet another Doctor’s office. We finally got to a Pulmonologist. We came back in March to make an appointment and are just now, with much finagling in to see one.

But enough of that, we have spent entirely too much time on our health.  I am not prepared for all this.  I didn’t realize just how much stress I was under.  I am the one who preaches about caregiver burnout and didn’t recognize it in myself.  But with the help of my family and friends, I have begun to look after myself a bit more.

Because we ended up with two 5th wheels we decided to take one up to Canada to my son’s place.  He has some acreage in Creston so I can have a home away from home there. I hope to go up there from time to time to wind down.  Also, my daughter has an extra room in Kelowna that is available most of the time.  

We had an original plan to move up to Canada if Dale’s health got worse, but that plan fell through so this is a reasonable plan B.  I miss my family more and more.  

We have been working on a few projects around the place.  I talked Dale into making me a swinging bed to hang out under the trees.  It is a great success. Also, we have decided to make some of the deck on the trailer into a studio for me. I  need a place to store my art and work on it  This way I don’t have to put it away all the time so we can use the table.  It’s coming along well.  

I love working outside so most of the gardening and landscaping is my job.  

I am including some photos 

More to come……


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