… I will be able to get my knee replacement next Tuesday the 24th

Now that it is so close and having circumvented my possible cancelation, it’s up to me to show up scratch free.  This means that I will use a stick when I go for a walk, and absolutely no weed eating (tho our place really needs it), no mowing (ditto), no lifting rocks, digging, cutting branches, climbing up the ladder, hauling debris, hauling gravel, chopping up anything, or anything else that I love to do.  I have to sit still, watch movies, play on the computer etc etc.   I might go crazy by the time I get to the hospital.  And that is BEFORE my surgery.  What will I face when I am truly disabled? 

O well, I guess I should be grateful but I am just a little cranky and sick of all the pain.  But we have made great progress with the apartment.  We are are all moved in and I am loving it.  All this space is wonderful.  It’s almost completed, just the living room ceiling needs the spackle and a couple of walls need to be painted.  I have ordered my dishwasher and the plumbing is finished. 

I have been gardening up a storm and getting all the birds fed and housed so we’ve got lots of entertainment.  Dale is in town getting the wood for our new deck in front of the apartment so I will be able to go outside and sit while I recover.  He’s such a sweetheart.  It’s great to be back home with the wildflowers blooming and the hills green.  We’ve been out on the lake already and Dale is catching fish by the dozen tho he gives most of them away.  The weather has been warm to hot so all the crops are a couple of weeks early.   My gardens are coming along nicely.

My son and daughter and son in law are coming down to support me during my surgery.  Dale thinks that they don’t trust him to look after me but I know it’s just an excuse to visit since we’ve not seen each other for 7 months.  I am pleased they are coming and counting the days till they get here.

We are finally getting a land line for our phone and internet.  Thank heavens we will have a phone we can depend on and we can stream our movies from Netflix.  Dale and our neighbor did the digging and filling work so that saved us some money and it will be activated while I am in the hospital.  So can look forward to lying on the couch eating bonbons and watching movies.  Right!!!!

More to come…


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  1. I think this is the big day. Hope all is going well. I am sure it will. it will be nice to have the kids there. Some one to do a little waiting on you when you get home. If it was anything like my back surgery, you will be up and going in no time and as good as new. Amazing what those good doctors can do. Hugh had a motor cycle accident just over a month ago (I thought I was over those worrying years!!) , broke his leg and is walking (limping) around with two titanium rods attached to his leg bone! Dana and I were just back to Creston for the weekend. Had a nice time. Watched the CV Blossom Parade. Yahoo!! Take care of yourself. Let that darned knee heal before you get too wild and crazy! Say “hi” to Dale and the kids. Love Dorth.

  2. Oh by the way, your place looks darling. Bet you are glad to stretch out a bit. Nice to have such a nice spot to recoup in.

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