The progress on the carriage house went much quicker than we thought.  With some help from the family and Dale helping with the painting it was starting to look like a real home.   My son in law was a genius at finding great deals on line for all my appliances and some really great cabinets.  He is also a used-window magnet which really paid off  when we wanted more light in the place.  He even found 3 complete French doors. So at last it was ready for us to move in.  There was a few more things to do but they were minor, so I started to decorate.  We decided that our furniture in Washington was pretty well used except for a few newer pieces so we decided to sell or give it away.   We have great Habitat Restore here in West Kelowna and we were able to find good stuff for our bungalow.

All the while we kept wading through the mountain of paperwork for Dale’s immigration and we are still at it. 

Just when I thought I was finished with Dr.s and Medical bills, guess what?   I wasn’t.  A few years ago in Hunters I was having trouble with my upper dentures and my Denturist advised my to go to a specialist, a Dental Surgeon.  As a result I spent the next 2 years and $ 17,000 US getting my mouth fixed.  I have trouble with bone loss everywhere in my body so they had to transplant some cadaver bone to make up the bone loss in my mouth and put in 4 implants to hold my dentures in place.

Well wouldn’t you just know it?  I now was having a variation of that issue again.  This time I went right to a specialist.  So I had to have the same thing again but this time they could work  around my implants. This could be done in one day and would only cost me $8,000.00.  Yipee!!! 

So a couple of weeks ago I had the procedure done.  I don’t remember much but I was sitting in the dentist chair and the nurse was handing me some pills to take.   The last one was a little blue pill which she explained would put me to sleep.  Well, I have had enough surgery to know that wasn’t going to work.

But the next thing I knew, someone and Dale was helping me into the car.  Then in no time Dale and my daughter was helping me into the house.

This time it was pretty painful so I was drugged up for a few days into lows.  But in about three weeks  I was slowly getting better.  I couldn’t put in my teeth, hence I couldn’t eat much.  Jello got old fast.  I couldn’t stand anything hot or cold.  I soon resorted to drinking wine and eating mashed potatoes. Not the worst diet. 

In the meantime, we are waiting for Dale to reach the magic 4-consecutive months in Canada to arrive in late December so we can go back to Washington to get some of our stuff,  We have to eventually bring up our 5th wheel, loaded with stuff , our UTV and small flat bed trailer to carry it.  When we cross the border we have to export and then import out car and our truck.  This should all happen sometime in late February.

We are staying close to home and dealing with the foot of snow around our house.  I am the number one snow-shoveler since Dale’s is tethered to his oxygen   But Bernie has a p low on his truck so he takes care of the lion’s share.  Dale is doing OK but we will all be relieved when he can get on the Medical Insurance here in Canada in January.  He needs to get a G.P. in order to get some specialists.  I am keeping my finger’s crossed that he doesn’t have to go into the hospital before then.

Hoe you are all safe and healthy and have a wonderful Christmas Season.

More on that next time.


…. Here are some photos of our new home.

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