This is just an update with no disasters forthcoming. 

All is well on the home front so far.  Like half the West we worry about the fires and tolerate the smoke.  Welcome to August!

I am including some photos of paintings from the past.  On Friday while we were waiting for more company to arrive, my favorite librarian called to remind me to put some painting in the upcoming (tomorrow) Hunters Fair.  I had forgotten all about it, so I quickly went into my laundry room which doubles as an art display room, and grabbed 4 paintings that were already matted and framed.  Putting them in the car, I told Dale to entertain our company that was coming to go out on the boat and promised I’d be back shortly.  Of course one doesn’t just drop off one’s artwork and run, there is a bunch of forms and tags to fill out and get receipts for the stuff.  Finally, I got that all done and I went back home.  Our company had arrived and we spent a nice day fishing and swimming.

The next day we all went up to the Fair and when I  looked at the paintings, I saw I won both a Blue Ribbon (first) and a gold ribbon saying “Supertendent’s Choice” for my painting of the Wolf.  And also I got a purple ribbon (second) with an additional gold ribbon saying “Judge’s Choice” for my Koi Kites.  I can hardly hold up my big head.  

So that’s it for now.

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  1. Wow you are becoming so famous I will soon be selling my GL paintings for millions!
    Good for you. Love the wolf.
    All is well and smokey here. Going to Vanc for a few days. Great- grands are having first and third b days so that is always fun.
    Love D.

  2. You are VERY deserving of the rewards!! I love both paintings. The koi kites always remind me of Children’s Day in Okinawa.

  3. Congratulations!

  4. Thank the heavens that we’ve had some rain so everything [at this moment] is lush and green. However, since the ‘fire crews’ were responsible for burning down the entire mountain range in 2011, I’m not sure there is much left to burn.

    Congratulations Gail! Some much deserved recognition for your handiwork!
    Like Jackie, I’ve always loved your “Koi Kites”, mainly because of the colors and that was mainly because of the yellow. Which is a good question, where did the yellow go in the picture you show on your blog? It’s missing and that makes me sad. If you ever make a giclee, in some form or another of that painting, I want one!

  5. Congrats to a talented and fun filled lady, who hangs around with that “infamous” guy, Dale!
    We adore your works and enjoy the times we can laugh and share happy days together! Colorado hugs, Sondra & Bob

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