Poop Bouy ?????

Dale and I are sitting with a glass of wine and I am complaining about not feeling like we are really camping. Which was no exaggeration since we were in a vacant lot in a small city visiting some good friends. “Well, “ he says, “Our problem is that we can only stay on BLM land so long without having to empty our holding tanks and getting water”

I know he is right and by the time we get the trailer ready to move we might as well find a new spot for the same amount of work. Now, Dale has solved the water problem by finding an old square water tank that holds about 30 gallons and can take it in the truck and fill it at a gas station. When he brings it back he has a small pump that moves the water into our holding tank. Viola!!!

But that didn’t solve the sewer problem. (Known to campers as black water). In Arizona it is legal to empty your grey water (dish and shower water) into the desert.

We have talked for some time about getting a “Blue Boy”, a large plastic container that holds about 35 gallons. But the major problem is, that when it’s full it weighs too much to muscle around, especially for us old folk.

So Dale has been watching what other people have done and came up with a idea. If he could design a rack to go into the truck’s trailer hitch that would both hold the tank full and swivel to empty it, then that would solve the problem and we could stay in one place for much longer.

So he presented the idea to his friend Jim who is an engineer and they came up with a plan. They went down to Harbor Freight and bought a hand truck. Then they cut the wheels of of it, and then put a 1 ½ in. pipe about half way up the frame. Then made something to go on the trailer hitch and welded a pipe on to that. Then the hand truck slides over the hitch. This allows us to fill and empty the Blue Boy with ease. They then painted their construction bright red for heaven only knows what reason and there you have !!

My friend Connie can’t seem the remember the correct name for this so she calls it the “Poop Buoy”. But she did take some pictures to remember it by.


IMG_8462 IMG_8460 IMG_8457 IMG_8454 IMG_8447

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