The Four Stooges and Three Dogs

Yesterday we had such a downpour in Arizona City that the streets were pools and the intersections were like rivers. It was quite an amazing sight for this little desert town. This morning Dale and Connie take the three dogs (Gracie, Tasha and Rowdy) out for their usual morning romp on the desert. Jim and I stay at home in our respective abodes to do other things. Some time later I get a phone call from Dale telling me to walk down to Jim’s and tell him that they are stuck in mud (which is a lot like gumbo). So I walk down and tell Jim and he says , “Ok, I’ll go get them out”. I go back to the trailer and resume my activities.

In about 20 minutes I get a call from Jim. He says, “Go down to the house, get the car keys off the counter and go out the drive way, turn left and drive about 3 miles until you find us cause we are all stuck”.

So I go to the house and get the car and away I go. Unfortunately, I turned right instead of left and of course I can’t find them  Then I realize that I didn’t bring my phone so I can’t call and get new directions. I go back to our trailer, get my phone and call Dale. Then I get in the car and make the same mistake, still can’t find them, get lost, and call Connie. She finally gets me on the right track and I zoom down to find Jim on the side of the road with Rowdy. He’s not exactly happy but he drives us out to the disaster sight. Did I mention I passed several folks also stuck on the way out? Another guy and his daughter are stuck further down the same road and he has come up to borrow a shovel. By the time we reach Dale he has his truck out but Jim’s is still stuck.

By this time, all three dogs are covered in mud and the doors and roof of the trucks have blobs of red clay on top of them. To get Jim’s one-ton truck out Dale hooks on with his Dodge Ram 3/4 ton. They fire them up and there they both sit spinning their wheels going nowhere. The next plan is to put Connie in her little Hyundai up front, then the Dodge and lastly the one-ton, all pulling simultaneously. At last, thing start to move and Jim’s truck comes up on the road. Victory!!

We load up, Dale goes down to help the other guy and we all make it home in one muddy mess.   That was our morning entertainment. I wonder what trouble we can get in this afternoon?

More later….


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