The Making of a New Home

My original plan was formed because our house in Nine Mile was just too much work.  So let’s sell the Nine Mile house and move to Hunters on Lake Roosevelt. This was supposed to reduce the amount of yard work and maintenance. So far I was way off base. Dale had more work here than at home. And because our house was up for sale we had to keep it ship shape as well. Some brilliant idea!!!! But as the summer turned to fall with the generous help from neighbors, family and friends, we managed to get our trailer settled with a beautiful 12 X 36 deck built. Our drive way was graveled and the garage was completed except for the cement floor.

As we prepared to go down south this November we agreed that this year it would feel like a real vacation since we were once again working at least 8 hours a day for 7 days a week.

That brings you pretty much up to date. After an eventful winter down south which included two knee surgeries (mine) a broken toe (Dales) and two cases of Hepatitis A (our friends) as well as a number of vet bills (Tasha) and one rattlesnake bite ( our friends dog Rowdy) we were happily heading home. Since our house didn’t sell last year we were ready to lower the price as soon as we got it back in shape. Were fortunate to find out that two ladies we had befriended camping had volunteered to come and help us. Fortunately they are much younger and in better shape than us so it was a great help.

After a week of very hard work, the four of us had pretty much got the house and yard in top shape. We even had time to show the girls around Spokane and visit some good friends who put on a lovely dinner for us. Thanks again K& C

We headed out to Hunter with great anticipation. When we left in November the scalped ground was all around with stark buildings sticking up conspicuously. When we arrived we were surprised to find everything covered once again in tall grass looking like it did when we first saw it. I had regained my faith that this was the right move. I was looking forward to the summer.

More to come……..











Help with our new Deck











Our Trailer house











A picture of our new village  Hunters











A garden over our septic tank











Our entrance and at last a circular driveway

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