If anyone is still reading my blog it’s a miracle. I have been inconsistent and thwarted by fate, and the first problem was my computer. It is ready for the recycling basket. My blog site was erased and never found again. Then I had the long tedious health problems with my knees, see former blog. Then I got the computer working but I couldn’t do photos Grrrr!!!!

But help arrived I the form of a late Christmas present from my husband. A NEW COMPUTER, AND NOT ONLY A NEW COMPUTER BUT A MAC BOOK PRO!!! Wow this is more like it. Of course I have no idea how to operate it but my son Dan has come to my rescue and is patiently walking me through it.

So I am back in business even though I haven’t had the attach photo lesson yet. I am even on the mend from my bad knees. I am not sure where I left off but I eventually got my MRI which showed both knees had meniscus tears. We decided to get one knee fixed with arthroscopy surgery which occurred on Jan 28th. I am now 5 days post surgery and hobbling along fairly well.

We went back to Arizona City to visit our friends Connie and Jim on our way to Queen Valley. I am not sure if I will have the other knee done or not. But in the mean time my Grandson is flying in to Phoenix on Feb 8th and we are all going up to Salome for a week.

Until next time,

Travlin’ Gal

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