We have moved around a bit since Stockton Pass.  We headed down to Columbus New Mexico where we go to a campsite named Pancho Villa RV Park.  This is a very nice camp.  It is very close to the Mexico border, in fact, we can see Palomas Mexico during the day and at night y0u can see the border lights and the famous Wall.  The park was developed to recognize Pancho Villa’s last war with the US.  The troops were stationed here and it consisted 0f room and board for 10,00 troops plus a hospital. They had a funny kind of tank.  Across the way, there was one of the first airports where they landed planes made with canvas.  It was all very interesting.

There is the “Pink Store” right across the border that has a little bit of everything you might want and lots that you don’t need but buy anyway.  You get a free Margarita while you browse which lowers your defence.  It also houses a nice restaurant.  We met some friends down there for supper.  There is Mexican merchandise everywhere but the food is very good and reasonable and the service is excellent.

From there we decided to go to the Chiricahua Monument and try some camping on that side of the mountains. The monument is very impressive with its stacked rock faces and lovely forest.  We continued up a very washboard road for about 5 miles and found a very nice camp spot in the forest.  We got set up and took our UTV  to explore the area.  It is really beautiful here but we are over 6000 ft.  So it was not a complete surprise to wake up the next morning to a SNOW storm.  That day we got about 5 inches on the ground but it wasn’t all that cold so it melted while it fell.

We are now huddled in our trailer thinking about Christmas.  Oh well, it’s still Arizona and it’s bound to warm up.  So much for Global warming. !!

But I can always paint. Our latest kick is collecting small gourds in the desert and cleaning them up for painting.  It’s really fun.  They are about 3 to 4 inches in diameter so they could be tree ornaments or just on display.  When they dry out they are almost weightless.  I’m enclosing some photos of a couple I painted

More to come…



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