Why you haven’t heard from me!!

I am so far behind I decided to give you the Coles Notes version to save you time and boredom. Here are the high points from the last month:

    1. My computer crashed.
    2. To fix it, we had to drive 90 miles only to find out that there was nothing they could do except replace the mother board for the tune of $1,200.
    3. We bought a new computer instead, ordered it online.
    4. All this took a month and a half.
    5. My new computer froze up after I had it for 2 weeks.
    6. I still don’t have it fixed ( at time of posting, it’s now fixed)
    7. During all that we bought a new used 5th wheel to solve the problem and stress of driving the trailer back and forth from Hunters to Arizona. We will bring our old one home this spring and leave the new one in Arizona.
    8. We made a cash deal but it took most of a week to get all the cash out of cash machines.
    9. We had to order a rear hitch for the new trailer and it won’t be here for a couple of days.  Then we have to take it in to get it installed.
    10. Dale has put 2 coats of rubber coating on the roof.
    11. We now have three parties to go to for Christmas and New Years and still be ready to go to Mexico on January 2nd.
    12. Oh yes, we visited with the friends we will be traveling with to Mexico as well.

So forgive me friends and family, I will be a bit more diligent in the New Year.

More to come,

P.S. My back is great, almost no pain even with my back brace gone. I did have a shot in my bad knee which helped but it is wearing off now. It looks like more surgery next summer (rats!!)

Dale is doing really well except for a cold.

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